Not so long ago Aussies used to thumb through the Yellow Pages to find a business, product or service - today it's Google and word of mouth. Today a website is as necessary and important as a phone to your business. If you don't have a traditional 'shop front' for your business, then your website becomes your virtual 'shop front'.

When coming to designing your website, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when it comes to the aesthetics and functionality. Some of the key elements to consider are:

  • Do I have clear and simple navigation to make it easy for visitors to use my site?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • How do I keep visitors coming back?
  • What calls to action can I use to engage my visitors?
  • Will my site be easy to find on the search engines?
  • Is my site up to date?
  • Is my site cluttered and overwhelming?

This is why before undertaking a new project, we like to down with you, listen to your requirements and then offer you a number of solutions we believe would best suit your needs.



Good web design for your site will give you one of the best returns on investment. Not only is it cheaper than print media (not to mention radio and TV), but it continues to work in your favour long after the initial investment is made.

Mobile Technology

Does your site work well on a mobile device? Try it... can you read the text clearly, does it display in a user friendly way? Ink Box can talk to you about ways to make sure you aren't being left behind in the mobile revolution.

Social Media

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. It has become such a huge part of society's internet interaction, it has now become one of the leading identifiers in Google's algorithm for ranking sites.

Internet Security

Most people think that internet security is only relevant if your site has a shopping cart and you take payments... this is not the case, 'the baddies' are getting smarter all the time and love a vulnerable site to add malware.


Email newsletter can be a great way of keeping your brand in the mind of your customers. There are many platforms to use so to take the confusion out of it, we have comprised a list of pros and cons of the main players.

Animated Presentations

A picture can tell a thousand words... sometimes it is hard to get your message across without pages of text- an animated presentation is a great way to tell your story and 'pack a punch'.



Good design must be defined by appropriateness to audience and goals, and by its effectiveness, not by its adherence to Swiss design or the number of awards it wins. – Drew Davies